Indigenous Family Camp

The 94 Calls to Action call church parties to establish "Community-controlled healing and reconciliation projects... education and relationship-building projects, and dialogues for Indigenous spiritual leaders and youth to discuss Indigenous spirituality, self-determination, and reconciliation" (Call 61). Camp Okema, as an affiliate of the Diocese of Saskatchewan, has a desire and responsibility to animate these calls through summer camp programs located in northern Saskatchewan.

Camp Okema is positioned to run an Indigenous Family Camp of Healing and Reconciliation as an organization with longstanding relationship with many Indigenous communities, clergy, and children. At this camp, which piloted in 2021, Indigenous clergy and community pillars lead cultural activities such as drumming, smoking meat, teaching about the tipi, beading, and prayer services. Children and their families come together to pray, eat, learn, and participate in cultural activities. We pray that Christ's healing work is realized through this ministry. Settler volunteers attend, serving with their time, and building relationships. We pray that Christ may animate reconciliation through these relationships built at Okema.

We are seeking $4000 to fund this years' camp, which will occur August 22nd-25th 2022. Will you partner with us to animate reconciliation and provide children and their families with an opportunity to encounter Christ's healing and reconciling work at Okema?

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